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At this time, we have several affiliated sister websites and here are a couple of them:


All are going to be referring to each other as they are designed to offer different solutions for small business owners. All are created for profit, but #1 has free features in it that are clearly marked as such in the website.

We want our clients become successful, but can in no way  guarantee any level of success to anyone. We realize that it is always best to try to help others succeed in their chosen business.

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Regarding EARNINGS, here we create websites, redesign websites, landing pages, squeeze pages and other services designed mostly for small business owners.. Our affiliate or sister websites, do have some money making possibilities but none EVER guarantee that you will earn anything. As with any business, you have to be willing to put the effort in that it takes to become successful. We do not and will not ever guarantee you that you will get back kind of money for your efforts. Sometimes you put in an extreme effort and don’t see the results you want. We feel that as long as you keep pushing, success will be yours one way or the other.