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IMPORTANT: Are you a small business owner? Do you wonder why your website does not generate any

traffic or no one ever signs up for your OFFERS or to join your newsletter? Find out BELOW



Simply Put: It is BORING. You spend a lot of money on ads, SEO or you might pay an assistant that posts on social media for you just to drive traffic or send clients to your website.

Discover how to easily turn your boring website into a Professional Marketing Machine, within usually 7 days, without spending thousands of dollars.


ATTENTION SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS: Once you see how we can transform your website into a client grabbing machine, you’ll wish we have contacted you sooner…

Former Real Estate Expert Reveals This System that he developed that is designed to help Small Business owners who are on a tight budget and need customers to stay on their website, instead of leaving in 3 seconds as most do. Best yet, it is all done on auto-pilot and no extra monthly fees!

From the desk of: Luis Velez

Re: Your “Boring and Outdated Website” is costing you Money and Visitors Every day!

My Friend and Small Business Owner,

Not meaning to offend anyone, but if you are not committed to your business, please do not read any further. To be successful, it takes work. A lot of work, but it is not impossible. It starts with doing something that you love doing, and bringing that passion or gifts of yours to others. If you are not doing something that fulfills you, you are probably just wasting your time.
I’m going to offer you something that I genuinely feel can help you in your business.

Without clients, you do not have a business. Simple and something that you very well understand. I’m sure that you have tried everything in the book and are still facing challenges all the time. Isn’t it time that you tried something different? Like most people, you are probably so tired of getting offer after offer on a daily basis and must say things like…..

“Everything is a scam and people just keep trying to sell me dreams that only benefit them! Does anyone genuinely care about my business?!?”

You think that all offers to help you are scams and you have a right to be apprehensive. Everywhere you look, you see offer after offer, who can you trust?

Service after service. Product after product that CLAIM: ‘WE WILL SOLVE ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS!!!’

florida website warehouse


It seems that not only deceptive marketing, but ‘Information Overload’ is another technique that is widely used in the marketing industry. They sell you products filled with ‘Bonus’ after ‘Bonus’, knowing that you will just get overwhelmed and not ever use it. 2 months later “You absolutely MUST have this new system designed to make you thousands in just 5 minutes a day”!!!? I am not saying that all bonuses are bad. Not at all. But when you see ‘Fire Sales’ with twenty bonuses, be leery. I’m offering 3 bonuses also, but it is not to overwhelm you. It is intended to help you with your list building skills that can help you in your business.

That’s OK. I am armed with the same knowledge and tools that they have and I’m going to share some things that will definitely make a difference in your website.

The Most Simple but Powerful WordPress Websites on the Planet?

florida, website,warehouse, web design, wordpress, caricature, whiteboard

You have many options every day of your life. One is that you can go out and waste thousands of dollars on fancy websites that have all the bells and whistles, but do not convert well…or you can go see what took me years to realize and put together for you. I’m sure that you work hard to get people to visit your website. Don’t make them run away because it’s:

  • Boring
  • Outdated
  • Over-complicated
  • It’s all over the place
  • Has way too much text


I do have many different projects and products that I and my team are working on, but I had to stop and really focus on one of my passions. We are going to be offering plenty of different ‘goodies’ soon but my main and first goal is to help those that I feel closest to, and that is the struggling small business owner. I’d love to help you in your small business now, with one of these powerhouse websites, if yours is costing you money.

Let me share just a few of the things that you will get by being one of the 20 to respond to this offer. Here’s Just a SOME of what you’ll be getting…

  • You get a Whiteboard Video which have been proven to keep visitors on your website longer.
  • A Caricature. These are just like Magical MAGNETS! People just love animated pictures!
  • You get a professional Squeeze Page instead of the boring Contact Us form.
  • Your Choice of a professional redesign or a brand new WordPress website.
  • You will have a full 6 months of Technical Support included.
  • Hosting Support is 24 Hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • A dynamic website instead of the boring static ones.
  • Finally get the right engagement from your website.
  • A Google friendly website that Google just loves.
  • An SEO Optimized WordPress website.

If you are waiting for promises that you will guarantee anything, then you might as well look elsewhere and delete this message or close the page. You see, I want to deal with people that want to succeed and that believe in their abilities to do so. It seems that the majority of people either make money or make excuses. Not much in between. If you are a go-getter, then you are who I am looking to help. You succeed, we succeed together.

When you follow the path of successful people, it is only a matter of time that you will walk in their shoes. You don’t have to become an online marketer, but you should follow some of their techniques they they use to drive traffic to their websites.

If they are successful at it, why wouldn’t it increase traffic to your website? I know that many ‘gurus’ will get mad at me for sharing a few of their ‘secrets’ but I truly feel that it will help you in your business and that s my main goal here.


Finally, being able to relax and know that your website is like an employee that:


  1. Does not need to rest.
  2. Does not need days off.
  3. Never catches an attitude.
  4. Will never ask you for a raise.
  5. Doesn’t require a weekly paycheck.
  6. Entertains your visitors from the first minute.
  7. Captures visitors on auto-pilot, so you can send them offers and reminders.

florida website warehouse, wordpress, websites, squeeze pages, caricatures

Your chances of waking up to new subscribers on your website, greatly increase. What is all this worth to you and your business? Having this Full-Time ’employee’ that you can set on 100% Autopilot to suck those leads in, with the goal to help you increase your Bank Account Like Clockwork….should really EXCITE you!


You probably think I’m going to charge you an arm and a leg. My team has researched pricing from others and I suggest that you do the same. None offer the packages that we do. $1,500.00 $1,300.00 $1,100.00 $800.00 $600.00

Included, FLorida, Website, Warehouse


PLUS, I am going to throw in 3 Bonuses for those that act FAST.
Three professionally written E-Books that go in detail about list building. You have all heard the expression ‘The money is in the list’. That applies to your business as well. The more people that you can keep in contact with and send them your promotions, services, reminders, a simple HELLO or even a birthday wish, the Better!


When you are truly confident, you can offer guarantees, like I am about to do here. We are being selective as to who we are going to offer this initial offer to, so if you are chosen, we know that you are a legitimate company that is trying to increase their sales, get leads, increase their mailing list or just in need of a better website.
If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with my team’s work, then you get a full refund, with no stipulations. All that I request is that you provide me a reason so that I can grow this into a business that truly puts the small business owner first and can make it the best experience ever, but you do not even have to do that.
No matter what you decide, you will get to keep the 3 Bonus Gifts and use them in your business today. The 4 packages are designed especially for you. You get to choose one Free Squeeze Page, A Caricature or a Whiteboard Video with any Purchase. There is also a custom order form that you can request absolutely ANY type of website and my team will come up with the right package for you.

Why am I making this offer?

When you have struggled as much as I have while trying to find my niche’, it really makes you put things into perspective. Hundreds of thousands of businesses fail their very first year according to many studies. I want to provide a few solutions and not over-charge for them. question-mark-1829459__340 You invest a lot in your business. Not just money but a lot of time, sweat and tears even. I love to help others prosper and keep things simple. After years of doing things the hard way, I discovered a much better way and decided to share it with others. Something that I truly believe in. I believe that if you genuinely help others succeed, you will succeed and sustain through any economy and so will they.

Here’s a link to know more about my company or if you have seen enough and are ready to Take Action, This Link is the one for you.

Treat your clients the way that you want to be treated and I promise you that they will appreciate it. Here comes decision time. Are you serious about wanting to get results from all your work that you put into your business? The Order process is pretty easy as it walks you through a few questions that will help us help you get the right website and set up that works for you.

I’m not going to make you jump through hoops to find out the pricing and what we are offering. Here are the packages exclusively for you:


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